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Local Shopping

One of the pleasures of Paris is the wonderful shopping experience. The locals are pleasant and helpful (even if you don't speak French!) and the produce is great value and fantastic quality. Two trolleys are in the apartment. Turn left out of the apartment and stroll up Rue de Tolbiac. On either side there are several small convenience stores open late for emergencies, along with restaurants and cafes. Directly opposite the apartment there is a tabac and newsagency selling English language papers.

A few blocks along, diagonally opposite Pizza Hut (to be avoided!), is one of the best boulangeries in Paris for bread, cakes and prepared baguettes. A further two boulangeries are at Fiveways.

There are numerous small cafes and sandwich shops on either side of the road for a lunchtime baguette.

Just before Fiveways where there are two good value bistros is a wine store (English speaking staff) with an extensive selection of good quality, reasonably priced wines. Closed on Sundays.

Wine is also available from the many convenience stores and the supermarket. Another wine shop is at the end of Rue Jeanne d'Arc (right at Fiveways).

On the right side, just past Fiveways is a superb fromagerie selling cheeses from all over France, yoghurts, eggs and other delicacies.

Wonderful camemberts, delicate st-marcellins, a choice of chevres and several rarities. Open daily.

The fresh eggs (hen, duck, quail) are delicious.

Turn right at Fiveways and then right again (100 metres down the street) is a well stocked super market which will deliver if you buy over 60 euros. Sells all standard groceries, cleaning products, wine, fruit and vegetables. Or cross the road for the market fresh produce (closed Sunday - Monday).
Further along, on the opposite side is a Charcuterie (closed Sunday - Tuesday) sells rotisserie chickens and other poultry with sizzling baked potatoes if you feel like a night in, along with meat, pates, sausages, conserves, foie gras and other delicacies.
Next door, the fishmongers (closed Sunday - Tuesday) sells whole fish, fillets and cutlets as well as oysters and crustaceons, marinated octopus and much more.