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KIM SPOONER - The Paris Suite

Bill Gregory / Kim Spooner

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Kim Spooner is a well-known Sydney based artist and has often been an Archibald finalist.  Her work is in numerous private collections and museums throughout Australia.

The Paris Suite is a small series of egg-tempera paintings executed while in residence at the Cite Internationale des Arts.  The work represents a thread connecting the intentions of my earlier work and that, which concerns me now.
Known as a figurative painter, my practice utilizes metaphor to express my interest in human relations and how we present ourselves.  During my time in residence, I was struck by the Parisienne culture of celebrating the “jolie”.  Walking the streets of Paris conscious of so many artists before me, I found myself looking up more often than not – I observed posturing figures perched upon columns; pieces of fruit or vegetable, singled out by providores for special consideration, often decorated by a pretty ribbon tied around the stem.  I saw the melodrama of presentation in dress and behaviour.  I was also drawn to the interiors of small cathedrals and was struck by the elongated form and grandeur of the Madonna, I recalled the rituals and altar pieces of my childhood education.  I was interested in the nobility of sacrifice as represented through the Madonna.  I noticed the unusual silver light of autumn in Paris.  I mused that if cities have gender then Paris was female and in fact a mother.
I felt embedded and inspired.  The series I undertook suited the limitations of the studio space and I set about collecting glass-wear and arranging subject matter I came upon in a way that felt the sentiments I wished to convey.  I worked long hours, as days turned to night and feel that the series represents a particular artistic concern pertinent to the residency and as such, important in my practice.

Kim has exhibited throughout Australia and is represented in major collections.  She is considered the leading expert in egg-tempera painting in this country and regards the craft of painting as a primary concern. Kim lectures in both the drawing and painting departments at the National Art School, Sydney.

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