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April 2006
Annandale Galleries

ANNANDALE GALLERIES are proud to present the first solo exhibition in Australia of the work of legendary American artist LARRY BELL. ... read more

Lesley Dumbrell - Press Release

August 2005
Annandale Galleries

New paintings & works on paper
OPENING Wednesday 24 August 6.30 ? 9.00 PM
EXHIBITION DATES 24 August ? 24 September 2005 ... read more

Kevin Malloy: Press Release

August 2005
Annandale Galleries

Saccadic Spaces is the latest exhibition of new works by Kevin Malloy. Over the last five years Annandale Galleries has had the pleasure of showcasing Malloy's work as it flourished from pieces austere in their execution and feel, featuring brighter colours amongst muted greys, to paintings that are truly celebratory in nature, featuring thousands of multicolour circles that, rather than hiding amongst subdued tones now spring forth, their presence exaggerated by the white disks that illuminate the fresh joyful colours. ... read more

A heroic journey into abstraction

July 29, 2005
Sebastian Smee

In John Updike's 2002 novel, Seek My Face, the main character, a painter loosely based on Jackson Pollock's wife, Lee Kasner, tells a young interviewer: "Someone of your generation probably can't believe how crucial, how important, how huge painting seemed then."
... read more

Cathy Blanchflower - new paintings

1 August 2007
Bill Gregory

CATHY BLANCHFLOWER (B. 1971, lives and works in Melbourne) is an artist who has reached a watershed in her work. I would like to refer to it as "the end of the beginning". ... read more

Andrew Leslie: Real 2005

June 2005
Annandale Galleries

The work of Andrew Leslie looks like painting, is technically sculpture and feels like architecture.  The common denominator in all three mediums is space. ... read more

Custodian of the Fire

21-22 May, 2005
Miriam Cosic

Djambawa Marawili strides across many landscapes. A key figure in contemporary Yolngu art, he is the senior lawman of the Madarrpa clan, 130 people who live at Yilpara on Blue Mud Bay ... read more

How sacred, secret and transitory became permanent and public

4 March 2005
Angela Bennie

Aboriginal artists have made a bold leap away from tradition ... read more


March 2005
Annandale Galleries

Ted Egan Tjangala - Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa - Johnny Possum Tjalpaltjarri
Albie Moriss Tjampitjinpa
In association with Serval Projects ... read more

Rotraut - New sculpture and paintings

November 2004
Annandale Galleries

Annandale Galleries is proud to present the first solo exhibition in Australia of the work of globally renowned sculptor and painter, Rotraut. For more than forty years Rotraut has developed an artistic style that can be viewed as utterly her own. ... read more


November 2004
Annandale Galleries

Annandale Galleries is proud to present an exhibition of new work by acclaimed Aboriginal artist Lofty Bardayal Nadjamerrek. Featured in the AGNSW Crossing Country exhibition, which opened at the Art Gallery on the 24 September, ... read more

John Mawurndjal - New Paintings

September 2004
Annandale Galleries

Annandale Galleries is proud to present an exhibition of the work of leading contemporary Australian artist, John Mawurndjul. Mawurndjul has received global recognition for his work and is without doubt one of the most pre-eminent Aboriginal artists working today. ... read more

Modern Master Works On Paper

28 September 2005

The 2005 exhibition of European Modern Masters at Annandale Galleries is yet another milestone towards our goal of furthering the public?s intimacy with these contemporary greats who have had such a profound influence on western art. From Picasso we receive an unparalleled depth of expression; from Matisse, an economy of line that typifies effortlessness; ... read more

John Lessore 'Paintings'

28 September 2005

John Lessore describes his paintings and "gentle and contemplative" and they are almost musical constructions with simple, often domestic subject matter. However, contrary to these initial impressions, Lessore is in many ways an extremist. He holds the view that in painting, it is all there if you have the eyes to see it ... read more


2 November 2005

In Arnhem Land Aboriginal artists have been painting in bark for nearly one hundred years, beginning with the laying down of ceremonial and body paint designs for interested anthropological expeditions. ... read more

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