Kim Spooner



2018  “There’s Life on the Scrap Heap” Orange Regional Gallery, Kedumba Drawing Award

2017  United Berlin” German Consulate, Sydney Australia

2015 “100’s & 1000’s” with Bruce Searle, Annandale Galleries Sydney

2014 “Theodora Suite” The Drawing Room, Sydney 

2013 “Paintings in Dialogue with Bruegel Annandale Galleries, Sydney  

2012 “Paris Suite” Annandale Galleries, Sydney 

2010 “On the Road” Annandale Galleries, Sydney

2008 “nova” Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra  

2007 “rolling slow” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne  

2006 oi Adele Boag Gallery, Adelaide  

2005 “buster” King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney  

2004 “The Age of Delusion” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne  

2003 spanish moon” King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney  

2002 “sand on the floor” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne  

2001 “heat and the beat of the pulse” Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra  

2000 “colours tasting sounds” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne  

2000 “synaesthesia” Annandale Galleries, Sydney  

1998 “yearning” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne  

1998 “naked in the dark dreaming” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne  

1998 “everything was exactly the way that it seems” Annandale Gallery, Sydney  

1996 “...the sun flung spangles dancing coins” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Sydney  

1995 “one hand waving free” Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney  

1994 “prelude to a kiss” Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney  

1993 “smooch” Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney  

1992 “caress” Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney  


2019 Dobell Prize for Drawing – Finalist - National Art School Gallery

2017 Drawing Exchange Adelaide Central and National Art School

2017 Figuration Annandale Galleries Sydney

2017 Adelaide Perry Gallery PLC Sydney

2016 Drawn Together Hoff Gallery, National Art School, Sydney

2016 Something to Say Annandale Galleries, Sydney

2016 Eutick Still-Life Art Award, NSW

2015 Draw the Line Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, Sydney

2015 Group Exhibition Annandale Galleries, Sydney

2015 Plates National Art School, Sydney

2013 Artists of the Gallery Rotating Show Annandale Galleries, Sydney  

2012 Artists of the Gallery Annandale Galleries, Sydney  

2012 Mosman Art Prize Exhibition

2012 Produce Hawkesbury Regional Gallery 

2012 Norville Art Prize, Murrurundi NSW 

2011 Mosman Art Prize Exhibition  

2010 Mosman Art Prize Exhibition  

2009 Gallery Artists Kristian Pithie Gallery, Melbourne  

2009 “Paris Studio Residents” Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney  

2009 “Drawings” Annandale Galleries, Sydney

2008 Mosman Art Prize, Sydney  

2008 “Gallery Artists” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne  

2008 “FRINGE” Adele Boag Gallery, Adelaide  

2007 Hawkesbury Regional Galley Inaugural Exhibition, Windsor NSW  

2007 “550” King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney  

2007 Paddington Art Prize, finalist  

2007 “Grail” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne 

2006 “440” King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney  

2005 “Art for Science” Murdoch Institute, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne  

2005 “Walking the Line” Cell Block Theatre National Art School, Sydney  

2005 “Postcard Show” King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney  

2005 “Door” James Joyce Foundation Art Exhibition Arthouse, Sydney  

2004 Melbourne Art Fair  

2004 “330” King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney  

2003 “End of Year” King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney  

2002 Melbourne Art Fair  

2002 “Soundings” Cell Block Theatre, curated by Barbara Tuckerman  

2002 “Terence Stamp” Portrait of actor and author, Terence Stamp  

2002 Westpac Redlands, Sydney  

2001 “wrap it up” Contempo Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney  

2001 “and see the light surrounding you (Daniel Johns)” Archibald Prize Exhibition AGNSW,VAC  

2001 “BLUE” Annandale Galleries, Sydney  

2000 “and all I see (Kerry Walker)” Portia Geach Award Exhibition SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney  

2000 “blue (Kerry O’Brien)” Archibald Prize Exhibition, AGNSW, Regional Galleries NSW, VAC  

2000 Sulman Prize Exhibition AGNSW, Sydney  

2000 Westpac Redlands Exhibition, Sydney  

2000 Melbourne Art Fair  

2000 “Triptych” Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra  

1999 “(Eva Cox) social currency” Portia Geach Award (winner) SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney  

1999 “We Are Australian” Melbourne Festival, Victorian Art Centre  

1999 “RED” Annandale Galleries, Sydney  

1999 Dobell Exhibition for Drawing, AGNSW Sydney  

1998 “(Margaret Whitlam) by the strength of her skin” Salon des Refuses SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney  

1998 Australian Contemporary Art Fair 6, Melbourne  

1998 “16 June” James Joyce Foundation Art Exhibition, Gatehouse The Rocks Sydney  

1997 “(Barry Otto) out of the ether” Salon des Refuses SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney  

1997 “(Barry Kosky) expecting each moment to be his next” Archibald Prize Exhibition AGNSW & VAC  

1997 Westpac Redlands Exhibition, Sydney  

1997 “4 + 6” Annandale Galleries, Sydney  

1996 “Florescence” Ivan Dougherty Gallery and Regional Galleries NSW& VIC  

1996 Australian Contemporary Art Fair 5, Melbourne  

1996 Bloomsday James Joyce Foundation Art Exhibition, National Library, Sydney  

1996 “Flagging the Republic” Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney and NEAM  

1996 “Jude” Portia Geach Award SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney  

1996 “Chevalier du Bacalao(Chris Haywood)” Salon des Refuses SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney  

1996 “but like Louise always says (Louise Fox)” Salon des Refuses SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney  

1995 Dobell Exhibition for Drawing Exhibition, AGNSW Sydney &  Art Trail Regional Galleries NSW Vic  

1995 Sulman Prize Exhibition, AGNSW Sydney & Art Trail Regional Galleries NSW & Vic  

1995 “Women in Art” Mary Place, Sydney (curated by Joan Kerr)  

1995 “Spring” Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide  

1995 “lips that kiss eyes that shine (Mark Hughes)” Portia Geach Award Exhibition SH Ervin, Sydney  

1995 “Works on Paper: Gallery Artists” Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne  

1995 “Fire” Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney  

1994 Australian Contemporary Art Fair 4, Melbourne  

1994 “Recognising the Republic” Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney  

1994 “Gallery Artists” Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney  


2019 Finalist – Dobell Drawing Prize

2018 Distinguished Service Award, National Art School Sydney

2008-9 Residency, Cite Internationale des Arts Paris  

2008 Residency, Adelaide Art School, Flinders University, Adelaide  

1999 Portia Geach Memorial Award  

1980 Campbelltown Festival of Fischer’s Ghost Art Prize  

1978 Scholarship Julian Ashton School of Art  



Collection of the German Consulate, Sydney

Parliament House Collection, Canberra ACT  

National Portrait Gallery, Canberra ACT  

Bendigo Regional Gallery, Victoria  

Campbelltown Regional Gallery, NSW  

Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, NSW  


Johnson and Johnson Corporation Portugal  

Australian Wheat Board

Corrigan Collection

Private Collections: Australia, France, Portugal, USA, South Africa  


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Lecturer Department of Painting National Art School Sydney (1999 - present)  

Lecturer Department of Drawing National Art School Sydney (2003 - present)

Academic Board – National Art School, Sydney 

Visiting Lecturer National Art School, Artist Talks for Public Programs 2002, 2006, 2007, 2009  

Visiting Lecturer AGNSW, Artist Talks 1994, 1998, 2000, 2002  

Visiting Lecturer, Artist Talks at various Secondary Schools Sydney Region  

Visiting Lecturer, “Australian Cultural Institutions” (ATEN), ANU 2002 – 2008  

Master Artist - Sydney Grammar, by appointment of Dr Christopher Allen  

Visiting Lecturer University Southern Queensland MacGregor School, Drawing 2002, 2003  

Visiting Lecturer Adelaide Central Art School, Flinders University 2008 

A series of workshops in Painting and Drawing Penrith Regional Gallery 1996 – 1998  

Devise and implement workshops on Painting Techniques and Life Drawing, Artist’s Studio 1994-2013

A Series of workshops in Painting and Drawing, Public Programs S H Ervin Gallery, Sydney 1996-1998 

WEA Program, teaching life drawing and portrait painting, 1994 – 1995  

“CREATING WORK” Lithgow TAFE, 1989