Loic Le Groumellec

Brittany, 1957

LOIC LeGROUMELLEC is a native of Brittany whose name comes from the works "crom" (circle) and "lech" (place of stone marker), the compound designating an enclosed or sacred space similar to the five thousand year old lines of menhirs or megaliths at Carnac.

The subject matter of his works are closely related to Brittany's legendary past and the crosses on top of some of his "megaliths" reflect the clash between Christian and Pagan histories in Brittany. Le Groumellec endows his works on paper with the enigmatic quality of the standing stones, and once internalised are never forgotten.

Loic Le Groumellec was born in Brittany in 1957 and currently lives and works between, Paris and New York. He has had over 30 solo shows since 1983 in France, Spain, Germany, Canada, USA and three shows in Australia.