Lesley Dumbrell

Melbourne, Australia 1941

LESLEY DUMBRELL (born 1941 Melbourne) is a painter with a sophisticated understanding of the use of colour. Her more recent works consist of polychromatic criss-crossed lines painted over a monochromatic ground.  The angles of the lines change across the picture resulting in a dynamic experience for the viewer, where as you move, Dumbrell's paintings flicker and glint.  Her work clearly seems concerned with the processes of perception.

Dumbrell carries on a tradition of geometric abstraction in Australian art.  Her colour field works have been influenced to some extent by the Pop Art movement of the 1960's, Bridget Riley and Raphael de Soto being key influences.
Dumbrell has been the recipient of numerous awards and honours throughout her career, while she has embarked on various commissions in Australia and abroad.  She has shown extensively in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia and Asia, and has work in all major museums and state collections across the country.